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Well I’m not used to writing about myself but I will give it a shot.  I live in Tennessee, just south of Nashville to be exact.  I have lived here almost 8 years.  Moved from Florida.  Boy oh boy, where does time fly.  Other places I have lived is Gothenburg, NB; Omaha, NB; Grand Island NB; Clarinda, IA; and then on down to FL until I moved to TN.

I have enjoyed my time here in TN.  I really enjoy the weather because we have the 4 seasons.  Winters are not bad and summers not too hot.  The fall is beautiful.

Besides the good times, there have been some pretty rough times.  I have gone through …let me see….1,2,3,4,5 major surgeries since I have been here.  Think I am done at least for a while.  I sure hope so.

I am a sweatshirt and sweatpants kind of person.  So if you see me, I will probably be in that get-up.

I have 3 children, Brent, Jef and Sheila.  Brent still lives in FL and single.  He is the one who got me this setup.  Jef lives here in TN and married with 3  kids, Michael in the service, JJ holding down 2 jobs and taking flying lessons, and Rylan who is still in school.  Sheila lives here in TN, has a significant other, and Faren who is in school.

I possibly will add some more at a later time.

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